1,000 Love, You Letters
started as an open invitation- initiated by Atlanta based publisher Urban Ivy- to women and girls around the world to write letters to themselves to share openly. We created this space to give life to their words.

#101: All Possibilities Are Limitless (Debra B.)

#101: All Possibilities Are Limitless (Debra B.)


Being with and loving you throughout this lifetime has not always been easy. Today, I consider that you have survived as an overcomer of childhood and domestic abuse. Those devastating times caused you to question… why me? Your emotions were entangled in so much sadness and you were afraid to live the life intended for you.

Yet, you saw and heard your inner yearning for healing, peace and happiness. And I’m very proud to see you as an overcomer. You have learned to identify your own negative emotions from within and to guard against and close doorways to toxic people and environments. You are no longer afraid to dream bigger and desire better for your life. You have grown into a strong, courageous, beautiful and youthfully spirited soul within your golden years. The woman I see today is fun-loving and works hard to achieve her goals and make her dreams comes true. The vibrancy of who you are is warm and loving.

Confidence and wisdom caused you to realize that all things have had an appointed time to come to you based upon your growth and ability to release and to receive. You now see the ability to surrender as an art of fine tuning yourself from within.

You came to absolutely love who you are as the daughter of Cherokee ancestry. And everything you have been through helped to mold you for success in life. Today, you are a successful business woman who is passionate about helping women to thrive in life, whether through the services you provide or through hiring women to work alongside you as service providers.

All possibilities are limitless for you, and I know beyond every doubt that you will continue to thrive in life, achieving every goal set and yet to come. Keep believing and knowing that you are loved and never alone. I am forever in love with you and with you always!

Love, You

#102:  Where Can I Start? (Reagan H.)

#102: Where Can I Start? (Reagan H.)

#100: Just Keep Flying Straight (Taylor R.)

#100: Just Keep Flying Straight (Taylor R.)