1,000 Love, You Letters
started as an open invitation- initiated by Atlanta based publisher Urban Ivy- to women and girls around the world to write letters to themselves to share openly. We created this space to give life to their words.

#78: Embrace Her (Candis M.)

#78: Embrace Her (Candis M.)


Dear Beautiful One,

You’re not even aware, are you? Your aura, your morals; There is no comparison. You are 1 of 1. Never second-guess, you encompass everything you need, God made sure of that. Don’t let fear hold you back, let your talent speak when you cannot.

You are golden. Your heart especially, even at 16. Never lose that, it will take you far in life. I wish you could see what I see now. No other love could ever compare to the one you will manifest with yourself. Seek within and watch everything else fall into place.

Glory is on your side sweet child. You come from Queens, hold your head high; for you have nothing to shame. That prickle of pain, though prevalent, only serves as a mere grain of salt. Stand tall and firm in your truth, for it is your testimony.

There is power in your silence. So many stories, waiting to be unleashed. Share them with the world, this is your God-given gift. But only when the timing aligns. Exclusivity will attract the masses.

Embrace her. The girl that’s too tall and body shames herself because she’s not skinny enough; The shy girl that would rather read books than flirt with boys. The girl that’s constantly verbally abused by her uncle. The girl with the jailbird father. Get well acquainted. She is you.

Let it go. Bit by bit. Don’t allow the pasts toxins to consume you. You are the seed of Wanda, the almighty strength that prevails shall surpass any obstacle that will arise. I said will because there’s no escaping, yet your tenacity knows no bounds. Tap into your inner being. You are far more regal than you give yourself credit.

You are and will be loved. Always. Your life is guided by the prayers of your grandmother and her mother. Don’t run to seclusion, you’ll regret it in the long run. Choose people that provide substance, and trust your judgment; it’s never led you astray.

Everything is gonna be ok. Stop worrying. Live in the now and enjoy it. Don’t allow fear to consume you, SOAR! That’s what you were made for!

LIVE! Free yourself from any mental limitations and simply live! Believe in yourself and build security in your passion. Write from your heart and people will gravitate. When you put out good energy it’s destined to return.

P.S. SMILE! You may not see it now, but your future is shining so bright. Trust yourself. I can guarantee you, you’ll be proud; in fact, you should be proud already!

Forever In My Heart,

Candis Y. M.

#79: No Comparisons (Ashlee A.)

#79: No Comparisons (Ashlee A.)

 #77: Flaws And All (Fallon C.)

#77: Flaws And All (Fallon C.)