1,000 Love, You Letters
started as an open invitation- initiated by Atlanta based publisher Urban Ivy- to women and girls around the world to write letters to themselves to share openly. We created this space to give life to their words.

#44: I Am Not Here To Give Advice (Debleena M.)

#44: I Am Not Here To Give Advice (Debleena M.)


I am not here to give advice.

You wouldn’t take it.

My daughter’s 12.

And she doesn’t. Already. Ya.

Adolescence strikes early these days.

With it comes rebellion. The questions.

The know-it-all. The cynical.

All I can tell you is that I have

Been there. In the blank spaces

That simmer in your mind.

Questioning education

To the beat of your poem song.

Debating mechanical jobs

Over steaming hot cups of tea.

And dreaming of changing the world

With one strum of your guitar. 

I've been there.


Somewhere between the dirt track of

Rebellion and the highways of glitter,

I ditched my guitar and my dreams

And donned the Suit of obedience.

It never fit me well.

So I kept changing suits. Jobs. Dreams.

Nothing stuck to me. Nothing was mine.

The college guitar got rusted.

I no longer sang those tunes.

And if it stared at me accusingly sometimes,

I found a big cupboard to stack my lost dreams

With the big money I got from my big jobs.

I've been there.

It took me 15 years to dust off that rust and

To learn the pathways to the lost dirt-tracks.

No google maps to find my way.

And when I found them, I realized,

The broken guitar could be repaired

And the ill-fitting suit could be ditched.

I still had a dream.

What changed me?

I thought of my story.

The story I would like my daughter to learn.

If I had 10 ten lines to craft the headline of my life

What would I say? Lived the dreams of others?

Sampled tasteless gossip at office water coolers?

Used big words to hide my small outcomes?

Or would I say - I still dream. And I tell stories.

For stories can change lives. It did. Mine.

And yes, it will, yours.

#45: A Thousand Questions, A Thousand Words (Apeksha T.)

#45: A Thousand Questions, A Thousand Words (Apeksha T.)

#43: Wildest Dreams (Qua A.)

#43: Wildest Dreams (Qua A.)