1,000 Love, You Letters
started as an open invitation- initiated by Atlanta based publisher Urban Ivy- to women and girls around the world to write letters to themselves to share openly. We created this space to give life to their words.

#23: You Are Ready (Aruna A.)

#23: You Are Ready (Aruna A.)


Dear Me,

Do you realise how much you have grown emotionally?! I'm so grateful for the person you are today. And I want you to know that. 

The past couple of months have been hard. I know. But we made it through so far. And we'll keep doing it together. 

I wish you would stop doubting yourself. You are such a capable woman. When in doubt, just see how far you've come along. You even learnt to cook some yummy food!!

Continue growing. And always strive to be a better person than yesterday. But do it through Christ and not your own efforts. We know how that usually turns out. 

Use your kindness as a skill! Astound people with it. Make them wonder why you are willing to be so caring. And be a vessel of God's love. 

Accept the person you are. Because there's only one you. Please don't forget that? You are a strong, caring woman. Don't let anyone make you think otherwise. 

Be ready for the bumpy journey ahead. You are ready. Remind yourself that there's more to life than being happy. And find that purpose. Clear out that emptiness in your heart by pouring out love to others. Even to those who don't do the same.

I shall stop here. Never forget, you are fearfully and wonderfully made. 

To better days, restful nights, a grateful heart and a meaningful life.


#24: Eyes On The Forward Path (Nancy A.)

#24: Eyes On The Forward Path (Nancy A.)

#22: Thank You For Surviving (Poorna S.)

#22: Thank You For Surviving (Poorna S.)