1,000 Love, You Letters
started as an open invitation- initiated by Atlanta based publisher Urban Ivy- to women and girls around the world to write letters to themselves to share openly. We created this space to give life to their words.

#16: Sit Still And Look Pretty (Crishnie K.)

#16: Sit Still And Look Pretty (Crishnie K.)


Dear You, 

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. You are Beautiful, Strong, Courages and Kind. Never doubt that you are as deserving and as powerful as any man. 

Fighting for Feminism is not about us trying to find our straight. We are trying to get the world to see our strength. Because we are anything but weak. 

Our kindness, or compassion can not be compared to anything else. The ability of us to relate to people. To put ourselves into every situation while still remaining objective. 

Our bodies art. Every curve, every imperfection nothing lesser than perfection. 

As children we were taught to sit quietly and look pretty. 

As young adults we were over sexualised from our bra straps to getting our periods. 

As adults we were pressurised to get married and start families. 

We could never be too successful, never show too much skin. Or too less! 

But we have come so far. We do not need a man or anyone else to tell us otherwise. We are not just meant to sit still and look pretty. We are strong and independent. We can stand on our own two feet. 

So let the wind blow us into the street, 
Let the water fill up our lungs, 
So let the stars fall out of the sky, 
Let everyone tell us we can’t, 
Let’s prove them wrong. 

Let’s stand up together stronger than we ever have.

#17: I Am (Fredireca M.)

#17: I Am (Fredireca M.)

#15: Where Were U? (Manogna A.)

#15: Where Were U? (Manogna A.)