1000 Love, You Letters

In Her Voice

We invite you to record your LOVE, YOU LETTER in your own voice for an opportunity to be published on our website and social media platforms.

Step 1: Record yourself reading your letter (both video and audio formats are acceptable).

There are several ways to send us your voice recording, including (but not limited to):

  • Recording Apps

    • iPhone Users: If you have an iPhone, the app you'll need is called Voice Memos, and it comes with the phone. Search for it, or look in the "Utilities" folder.

    • Android Users: Android users will need to download an app to make recordings. We recommend Smart Voice Recorder, or Creobe Voice Memo for Windows Phone users, however there are many other options

  • YouTube: You can record an audio-visual of you reading your letter.

  • Snapchat, Facebook or Instagram: If you prefer to use a social media app, please be sure to save/download the video file to your phone when complete.

    *Please note you may use any other acceptable form of app or recording platform that you prefer that may not be listed here.

Step 2: Email your file or link to the file + your name to team@1000loveyouletters.com

Step 3: Our team will contact you within one week of submission with further details on when your recording will be featured.